Buyer's Checklist

Buying a New Home

  • Visit a Mortgage Broker or Banker – determine your budget
  • Find a Realtor you trust and work with them to find your dream home
  • Write an Offer to Purchase – always make your offer is subject to:
    • Review of the Offer to Purchase and Real Property Report (RPR) by your lawyer
    • home inspection
    • financing
  • Minimize moving costs: avoid the busiest possession dates the first, middle or end of the month
  • After your offer is accepted:
    • work with your Realtor to complete the property inspection
    • have the Seller’s Realtor provide the RPR to your lawyer
    • confirm your financing arrangements with your mortgage broker/banker
    • provide your lawyer's contact information to your mortgage broker/banker
    • Review your RPR and Offer to Purchase with your lawyer
    • Remove conditions
  • Have your Realtor forward a copy of the accepted offer to your lawyer'soffice
  • Confirm with your lender mortgage documents have been sent to your lawyer'soffice
  • Arrange for Home Insurance for your new home-you will need this prior to closing!
  • Your lawyer will call you approximately 2 weeks before to your possession date to advise you of the balance of your down-payment (cash to close) and your closing costs.
  • When you meet your lawyer to complete your purchase you will need:
    • 2 pieces of ID including AT LEAST 1 piece of government issued photo identification AND a credit card, birth certificate or passport
    • VOID cheque or pre-authorized debit pad form stamped and signed by your bank
    • Proof of Home Insurance
    • Balance of your down-payment (cash to close) and closing costs
  • On your possession date, your lawyer will receive the funds from your lender in trust and will provide them, together with the down-payment to the seller’s lawyer
  • Your Realtor will receive the keys to your new home after 12 pm noon on your possession date

Congratulations on you Home Purchase!!